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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Brides Quartet series by Nora Roberts

Book Descriptions

Vision in White

Mackensie Mac Elliot loves capturing happy and playful moments with her camera, but her own life is all about work—until she meets English teacher Carter Maguire. He's escorting his bride-to-be sister to a meeting with the Vows team and recognizes Mac as the girl he crushed out on in high school. Funny sparks fly: he's a geeky guy who quotes Shakespeare, she's a trendy workaholic who loves shoes. He's crazy about her, which makes him verbally clumsy and, to Mac, charming, though she's saddled with a needy mother, an absent father and difficulties with both that make falling in love complicated.

Bed of Roses

In the second installment of the series, florist Emma wonders if she can find true love with old friend Jack Cooke, who is also very close to Emma's associates. When Emma kisses Jack, her spark-o-meter melts from the blazing heat, but their romance's setbacks are smoothed out with a little help from their friends.

Fine Printings' Review

I discovered The Brides Quartet series just this month and LOVED it! Nora Roberts has always produced enjoyable reads, however, this series is a step away from her typical thriller/love stories. Just looking at the covers of these books makes any woman gushy and happy. Who doesn't love a good wedding. Now these books may not be for the boys, but I can guarantee any woman who loves a good romance to get a thrill from these two books! Vision in White kicks off this series with the energetic and fiery Mac, who is so lovable you do not want the story to end. Her fight against the pull of love is enjoyable and you will find yourself laughing at all the antics she and her friends go through. Then move on to Bed of Roses, a bit more "mushy" than the first (I prefer less sappiness and more humor, but was definitely enjoyable) and find yourself swept away with Emma and her constant hunt to find true love. There is no disappointment with these two books, and the preview of the third book at the end of Bed of Roses will certainly strain your patience waiting for its release!

Be sure to look for Savor the Moment, the continuation with Laurel's story on April 27, 2010.

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