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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blind Faith by Kimberley Reeves

Book Description

Serena was only fifteen when four teenage boys dragged her inside a cold, dark cave and robbed her of her innocence. Though her phobia of men and the loss of her eye sight are constant reminders it happened, Serena has no memory of the brutal attack. Now at age twenty-two, she is ready to conquer her fears and lets an old high school friend rent out the upper floor of her house. Can Will Duncan help cure Serena's insecurities or will the secrets he harbors about that night shatter her faith in men forever?

Fine Printing's Review

Now, I am not typically one for books that start out as this one did. With a very damaged young woman, suffering from a horrific rape as a teenager. Though, one night when I could not sleep, and was feeling a bit morbid, I found this book and decided, 'What the heck'. I actually glad that I picked it up and finished it within a few hours. The book is a decided must read, if one can handle the rough and difficult pretense of the story. A woman finding herself, healing, and the love of those around her not willing to give up.

It was a touching story and I am not ashamed (alright, I am a little) to admit that I cried near the end. Big Kimberley Reeves fan now, and have read several of her stories since then. Her writing is eloquent, almost poetical. And as a definite plus continues to remain so throughout all of her books. If you're not sure you can handle this storyline, she is at the very least a must read author! Though I am not sure what/if she has any books available for purchase in paperback, she does offer her stories via Amazon.com (Kindle) for free. Or if you don't have a Kindle, check her out on textnovel.com where you can read most of her stories for free online!

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