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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Darkest Evening of the Year by Dean Koontz

Book Description

Who will be with you in the darkest hour? Amy Redwing has devoted her life to rescuing dogs. But the unique bond she shares with Nickie, a golden retriever she saves in the most dangerous encounter of her life, is deeper than any she has ever known. In one night, their loyalty will be put to the test, and each will prove to the other how far they will go -- when the stakes turn deadly serious.

Fine Printings' Review

This novel left us feeling lost throughout the story. The relationship formed between Amy and the golden retriever, Nickie is endearing and the action is heart racing. However, the associations shaped during the tale seem to be clumsily connected ... easily broken, which left us wanting a little more out of the story. Furthermore, the style in which the book was written is confusing since the author consistently jumped from character to character. Though countless writers can get away with this style of storytelling, it can only be truly successful with a limited cast. In The Darkest Evening of the Year a multitude of characters are portrayed along with their own train of thoughts and this seems to take away from appreciating the actual plot when attempting to deduce which character was now being presented. In the end, we found ourselves sorely disappointed …

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