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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sphere by Michael Crichton

Book Description

Within a space ship lying at the bottom of the sea, a mysterious sphere promises each of the main characters some personal reward: military might, professional prestige, power, and understanding. Trapped underwater with the sphere, the humans confront eerie and increasingly dangerous threats after communication with the alien object has been achieved. The story is exciting and loaded with scientific and psychological speculations that add interest at no cost to the action, including an intriguing sequence in which human and computer attempt to decode the alien communication. As the story races to an end, suspicions of evil-doing fall as many ways as in a detective novel.

Fine Printings’ Review

A scientific thriller packed with plot twists galore that would keep you guessing the whole way through. Crichton shows his understanding of human nature with a diverse cast of characters whom all show expertise within technical fields. As always he keeps the techno jargon just out of reach of those without PhD’s, however not allowing the reader to feel dumb. We enjoyed this novel immensely as a challenging, philosophical and sexy work of fiction.

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  1. Fine Printings would like to thank our fellow reader, Chris Maguire, for his generous book suggestion. We enjoyed this novel immensely!